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Avg.com/retail - AVG or Anti-Virus Guard Antivirus is counted among the top-most security software companies. It is known all over the world for its excellent online security services and products provided to its customers. AVG Antivirus is a part of AVG Technology and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Android. It scans and detects the customers’ devices and browsers at regular basis and removes the infected files. They are known for developing excellent Antivirus Software as well as Internet Security Services. The brilliant features of AVG Antivirus which make it ahead of its other competitors. They are –

  • The system scanning is done at a regular interval.
  • The infected files get repaired automatically.
  • Scanning is done for both inbox mail as well as for the send

If you are still confused about which antivirus to select for your system, then let’s get enlighten with the fact that AVG serves free support to all Windows, Mac OS, and Android. But the premier plan of the AVG products needs to be purchased through online as well as in an offline mode.

The reliability of the products can’t be judged unless and until, they are purchased and used for a while, so as AVG products. In both the ways, AVG product can be purchased- online as well as in an offline mode.

But before thinking of buying any antivirus like AVG Antivirus or any other antivirus, before that make sure your devices are ready to access them. The tips to remember-

  • None interrupted Internet connection.
  • The devices should be up-to-date.
  • The devices should have enough space storage.
  • The devices should be ready with the download
  • Make sure no other Security Software is installed in it, beforehand.

To uninstall the other security software, present in your system to make place for the new AVG product. Then follow the given steps mentioned below, for successful un-installation of other Antivirus Software. They are as follows:

Step 1- According to the version of Windows you’re using, do the rest of the steps accordingly:

For Windows XP-Select Start button from the left-side of your displayed screen in your PC. Click on the Run options. Then type appwiz.cpl and go for pressing Enter button.

For Windows Vista-Select Start button and go for searching by typing appwiz.cpl and press Enter button.

For Windows 7- Click on the Start button. Then look for the Search programs and files box. Then type appwiz.cpl and click Enter.

Step 2-On the list of the Installed programs in your system, uninstall the other Security software.

Step 3- Now Restart your system.

If you face any issues, related to un-installation of other security software, then contact AVG Customer Service Number to get technical support for your issues.

To purchased the AVG products in an online mode for your devices or browsers. You need to simply visit AVG website < Log-in to your AVG My Account < AVG Product list < Purchase. Check in your provided email inbox or text message from AVG for the AVG product key code to activate it successfully.

To purchase the products in an offline mode, you need to visit your nearby AVG retail shop. On the purchase of AVG products of your choice, they will provide you with packet that includes CD and AVG product key/ activation code, which will help you in later steps of downloading, installing and activating.

Before utilizing and enjoying AVG Product’s features, you need to register the product under the AVG Retail Registration. Thus, you need to follow correct steps to register it properly to enjoy uninterrupted service from them and error-free online browsing. Below are the steps for registration of AVG Products. The Steps are:

Step 1-Go to AVG.com/Retail, for successful AVG Retail Registration of AVG Internet Security products.

Step 2- On the given option, enter your <25-digit product key> as provided in the avg.com/retail.

Step 3-Now in the AVG My Account page, choose in between Sign in and Sign-up as per your convenience and fill up the details as you have chosen.

Step 4-Click on the option Register/ Activate to activate the AVG Internet Security product with AVG Antivirus.

Step 5-The License Number will be displayed on the screen, as soon as the AVG Internet Security product gets activated. Check out your email after the registration gets over.

Please note- You need to follow the correct steps for AVG Internet Security products- downloading, installing, and activating the product in your system.

If you face any issues, related to AVG Retail Registration of AVG Internet Security, then contact AVG Customer Support Number to get technical support for your issues.

In case, you have purchased AVG retail card for renewal or upgrade version of AVG Internet Security from a retail shop. Then you need to follow the correct steps for successful AVG Internet Security product activation. The steps are –

Step 1- Visit www.avg.com/retail for AVG Retail Registration of AVG Internet Security

Step 2- Now look for the License Key Replacement Page and click on the very option.

Step 3- Put your upgrade/renewal AVG product key, as provided in the AVG retail card as well as the current AVG license number.

Step 4- Provide your correct email id, to get your new AVG License Number which will help you in the next step.

Step 5-Select on the option Send Data option, after providing the details that has been asked.

Step 6- Wait for some time, to receive your new License Number as well as Activation Instructions on your provided email-id.

If you face any issues, related to AVG Retail Card renewal of AVG Internet Security product, then contact AVG Toll-free Number to get technical support for your issues.

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